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Coors Field

Coors Field is a baseball park located in the Lower Downtown (LoDo) district of Denver, Colorado. It is the home field of Major League Baseball’s Colorado Rockies, and it’s known for its hitter-friendly characteristics, partly due to Denver’s high elevation.

History and Features

Coors Field opened in 1995, providing the Rockies with their own baseball-specific stadium after two seasons at Mile High Stadium. The park is named after the Coors Brewing Company, which purchased the naming rights to the park.

Here are some features and aspects of Coors Field that stand out:

  • Elevation: At 5,200 feet above sea level, it’s the highest MLB park, which can lead to baseballs traveling further than at lower elevations.
  • Home Run Feature: Beyond the center-field wall, there’s a forested area with a water feature that includes fountains which propel water into the air when the Rockies hit a home run or win a game.
  • Seating Capacity: Coors Field originally had a seating capacity of 50,200, but recent renovations have altered the number slightly.
  • The Rooftop: The Rooftop is a standing-room-only section in right field that offers a social atmosphere with bars and an impressive view of the field and the Rocky Mountains.
  • Interactive Area: There’s an area for kids with a miniature Coors Field replica and interactive games.

Atmosphere and Amenities

Coors Field is known for its fan-friendly atmosphere and amenities, including:

  • Wide Concourses: The stadium features wide, open concourses that allow fans to see the field as they walk around the park.
  • Local Cuisine: Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of food options, including local favorites and traditional ballpark fare.
  • Craft Beer: Reflecting Colorado’s vibrant craft beer scene, Coors Field offers an extensive selection of local brews.


While Coors Field is primarily a venue for baseball, it also hosts other events:

  • Concerts: The stadium has been used as a venue for concerts, bringing in big-name acts to play on the field.
  • Special Events: Throughout the year, the park hosts other events such as festivals and private functions.

Visiting Coors Field

Here’s some useful information if you plan to visit:

  • Address: 2001 Blake Street, Denver, CO 80205
  • Tours: Coors Field offers behind-the-scenes tours which typically include the dugouts, the suite level, the press level, and other areas not normally open to the public.
  • Transportation: The field is accessible by public transportation, with Denver’s Union Station nearby. There are also numerous parking lots and garages around the ballpark.
  • Accessibility: Coors Field is compliant with ADA guidelines, providing accessible seating, parking, and services.

Tickets and Schedule

Tickets for Rockies games and other events at Coors Field can be purchased through the Colorado Rockies’ official website, box office, or various ticket vendors. It’s a good idea to check the Rockies’ schedule for game times and promotions.


For more information on Coors Field, including upcoming events, ballpark policies, and more, visit the Colorado Rockies’ official website at


Coors Field offers a quintessential baseball experience with a Rocky Mountain backdrop. Whether you’re a die-hard Rockies fan or just visiting Denver, a trip to Coors Field is a chance to enjoy America’s pastime in a modern ballpark filled with amenities.

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